Linn County Democratic Central Committee
As amended on February 2015


The name of this organization shall be the Linn County Democratic Central Committee. 

The purpose of this committee shall be to: 

1. Promote the interests of the Democratic Party in Linn County.
2 . Elect Democratic candidates.
3 . Represent the Democratic Party of Linn County in the congressional districts and in the state party. 


The County Central Committee shall have the authority to make proper rules, regulations, and resolutions, not inconsistent with Oregon law and the by-laws of the Democratic Party of Oregon. 


The Democratic Party of Linn County shall insure the widest and fairest representation of its members in its organization and activities. All rules shall be adopted by procedures that assure the fair and open participation of all interested people. Discrimination in the conduct of party affairs on the basis of sex, age, color, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, economic status, disability, parenthood, or marital status shall be prohibited. All party meetings shall be open to the public. 


The membership of this committee shall be those precinct committee persons of Linn County elected in accordance with Oregon election laws. Vacancies are determined, then replacements elected by the Central Committee. 


Section 1) OFFICERS: The officers of this committee Shall be: 

Chairperson, or Co-Chair Persons, First Vice-Chairperson, Second Vice Chairperson, Third Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Ambassador. 

Section 2) ELIGIBILITY: Any person who has been both a legal resident of Linn County, or adjacent house districts to Linn County or the city of Albany, and a registered Democrat for thirty days prior to the election of officers shall be eligible to hold office in this committee. 

Section 3) NOMINATION AND ELECTION: The candidates for officers shall be nominated from the floor with the candidate's assent if present, or written consent if not present, and be elected at the organizational meeting immediately following the adoption of the BY-LAWS. No person other than a properly elected and certified committee person may vote in the election of officers. Voting shall be by secret ballot and a simple majority shall be required to elect. In the event there is only one candidate for office, the election may be by voice vote. 

Section 4) TERM OF OFFICE: The officers shall be elected for a term of approximately two years, the term to run from the date of the County Central Committee organizational meeting, following the general election until the date of the next following organizational meeting. The organizational meeting will be held not be less than ten days nor more than 50 days after the date of the general election. 

Section 5) DELEGATES AND ALTERNATES: Delegates and alternates to the state Central Committee and the 4th US Congressional District shall be elected at the organizational meeting in accordance with the State Democratic Party by-laws. 

Section 6) RECALL: The procedure for recalling officers shall be as follows: 

1. Petitions for recall may be initiated by one or more of the Certified Central Committee members; 

2. The action shall be initiated by as petition specifying the misconduct or neglect of duty that is the basis of the recall, and bearing the signatures of twenty-five (25) or more members of the Central Committee; 

3. The petitioners shall be empowered to call a meeting of the Central Committee; 

4. A copy of the petition shall be included in the notice of the meeting and the provisional agendas shall include the recall proposal and the special election of a successor to the office, as an agenda item; 

5. A motion to grant the petition, or to recall the officer shall be carried by a 2/3 vote, provided the notice is mailed at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the meeting at which the vote is taken. 

Section 7) VACANCIES: 

1. In case of the resignation, incapacity, or death of the County Chairperson, the First Vice-Chairperson shall become the acting Chairperson until the next meeting of the Central Committee, at which time any unexpired portion of the term shall be filled by special election.  

2. The Executive Committee shall make temporary appointments to fill vacancies in the positions of First Vice-Chairperson, Second Vice Chairperson, Second Vice Chairperson, Third Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Ambassador, and Treasurer from the time such vacancies occur until the unexpired terms can be filled by special election at the next meeting of the Central Committee. 

3. Should any incumbent officer be elected Central Committee Chairperson, the vacancy in that office shall be filled at the same election. 

4. When a vacancy occurs, new precinct committee persons shall not be appointed until after the election to fill the office. Voting shall be as set forth in Article V, Section 3. 

5. In the event of unexplained absences of Central Committee officers any central committee member may move to establish a time limit of two months to allow officers to respond, after which, the committee may move to declare the office vacant. 

Section 8) DUTIES: 

Chairperson or Co-Chair person: The County Central Committee Chairperson shall: 

1. Preside at all Central Committee Meetings;
2. Call and chair all Executive Committee meetings;
3. Prepare a provisional agenda for each meeting of the Central Committee;
4. Appoint the Chairperson and members of all standing committees;
5. Appoint such special committees as is necessary and name the Chairperson;
6. Perform such duties as the County Central Committee or its Executive Committee may assign him or her. 

 County Vice Chairperson Officers: There can be three Vice Chair Persons:

The First Vice Chair person shall: 

  1. In the absence of the Chairperson, or in the event of his or her incapacity to act, the First Vice Chairperson shall perform the duties of the County Chairperson and perform such duties as the Executive Committee assigns to him or her.
  2. If the First Vice Chairperson is unable to serve the Second Vice Chairperson will perform the duties of the Chairperson and perform such duties as the Executive Committee assigns to him or her.
  3. If the Second Vice Chairperson is unable to serve the Second Vice Chairperson will perform the duties of the Chairperson and perform such duties as the Executive Committee assigns to him or her.


Secretary: The secretary shall: 

  1. Send out meeting notices, according to law, at least six days prior to the regular or special meetings
    2. Take minutes of the regular and special meetings of the Central committee.
    3. Keep on file the minutes of the Central and special meetings of the Central Committee.
    4. Notify the County Clerk, in writing, of the election of Precinct Committee Persons, giving the Precinct number and the name and address of the elected person(s) for the official County records.
    5. Maintain a current and correct record of the by-laws with amendments.
    6. Send reports, as necessary, to the State Central Committee and perform such other duties as the Central Committee directs.


Ambassador: The Ambassador shall:

Disseminate the values and mission of the Linn County Democratic Party throughout the county by contacting media outlets for special news items, welcoming newcomers to the party, helping people with disabilities become more involved with the party, promoting and organizing charitable projects and events, and promoting and organizing community involvement drives.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall: 

1. Receive and keep an account of all receipts and expenditures of the funds of the organization.
2. The treasurer shall issue checks only upon the authorization of the Executive Committee, Central Committee, or the adopted budget, and with the co-signature of the Chairperson.
3. Submit a written financial report at each Central Committee meeting.
4. File the financial reports of the County Central Committee with the Secretary of State as set forth in the Oregon election guidelines.
5. Serve as a member of the standing committee on finances.
6. Have the financial books ready for audit at the end of the term of office or at any time upon demand of the Executive Committee. The audit shall be conducted by three members of the Central Committee appointed by the Chairperson with the approval of the Executive committee.
7. Be bonded. Cost of the bond to be paid by the Central Committee. The amount of the bond to be set by the Executive Committee. 

State and Congressional Delegates: The Delegates shall: 

1. Attend meetings as scheduled or report inability to attend to the Chairperson and to alternate delegate.
2. Prepare a report of the meetings attended, for the County Central Committee.
3. If a delegate has two consecutive unauthorized absences from state or district meetings, a vacancy shall be declared by the Chairperson and a new delegate will be elected. 


Section 1) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE; The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected Central Committee Officers and Chairs of standing committees. 

Section 2) AUTHORITY; The Executive Committee shall be the administrative body of the Central Committee officers and shall have the power to: 

1. Conduct business demanding attention when time does not permit the proper calling of the Central Committee, provided the actions taken are submitted to the Central Committee at its next regular meeting.
2. Coordinate activities of the standing committees and make recommendations to the Central Committee.
3. Notice shall be given by phone or mail to all members of the Executive Committee of special meetings and times.
4. A majority of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. 


SECTION 1) STANDING COMMITTEES; The standing committees of the Linn County Central Committee shall be; 



1. FINANCE COMMITTEE; The finance Committee shall: 

a. With the treasurer, prepare a budget for the Linn County Central Committee after the general election.
b . Propose and coordinate methods of fund raising with the approval of the Executive Committee and the Central Committee. 

2. ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE; The Organization Committee shall: 

a. The committee shall make every attempt to secure committee persons for all precincts, train precinct persons in organizing, update precinct information packets, recruit volunteers for Party activities, register voters, and act as Credentials Committee as appropriate. 

3. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE: The Publicity committee shall: 

a. The publicity committee shall prepare and disseminate the news and actions of both the State and County Democratic Committees and candidates. 

4. RULES COMMITTEE: The rules committee shall: 

a. The Rules Committee shall propose rules of procedure for the Central Committee. 

5. CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE: The Campaign Committee shall: 

a. The Campaign Committee shall investigate, encourage, and help recruit candidates for all public offices.
b . Assist all Democratic candidates in their campaigns for public office. 

6. PLATFORM COMMITTEE: The Platform Committee shall: 

a. Review and submit all resolutions to the Linn County Central Committee.
b. The Linn County Central Committee shall submit and forward all proposals to the State Democratic Party for action. 


Section 1) MEETINGS: There shall be at least one meeting of the Central Committee each calendar quarter. In election years, the initial meeting of the newly elected Central Committee shall be known as the ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING. The meeting shall be called by the retiring Chairperson as provided for by Oregon law. Meetings may be called by the Chairperson, or in his or her absence, the Vice-chairperson, a quorum of the Executive Committee, or by a petition of ten percent (10%) of the certified precinct committee persons. At least six (6) days written notice of each meeting shall be given each committee member together with an agenda of the principal items proposed for consideration. 


Section 1) DELEGATES: The Central Committee shall elect delegates and alternates to the Democratic Platform Convention at least thirty (30) days before the convention. Any person who has been a registered Democrat since January 31st of the convention year and is a legal resident of Linn County is eligible to be elected as a delegate. Only precinct committee persons may nominate and vote for delegates. All State-wide Democratic office holders, US Senators, US Representatives, and all incumbent legislators shall be automatic delegates. 

Section 2) RESOLUTIONS; Resolutions sent to convention must be approved by a majority vote of the Central Committee or in a County Convention. 


Section 1) AMENDMENTS: These by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of members present at any meeting of the Central Committee, provided the proposed amendment(s) has been read at the previous meeting and a copy of the proposed amendment, together with the portion of the by-laws it would change, has been mailed to each member at least six (6) days prior to the meeting. 


Section 1) The rules of procedure in Robert's Rules of Order 9 (Newly Revised) shall be, where applicable, the authority on all matters not specified in these by-laws or by Oregon law. Roberts Rules of Order may be suspended by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present.